I took some inspiration from movies such as Spike Jonze's Her, Blade Runner, H+ Webseries, and Black Mirror. Although I enjoyed how Her portrayed love in a technologically driven society in comparison to the dystopian 'vibe', if you may, that blockbusters seem to lean towards when depicting this specific subject.
Redesigning the App
I didn't feel like this project was well flushed out after completing it for the end of the semester. I revisited it again after receiving some feedback from my peers and professor.
Some areas that needed further consideration: 
        + Scope of the app: How complex does it need to be in order for viewers to understand it?
        + What needs to be included? What can be removed?
        + How should the app make the user feel when they use it?

My initial thoughts for this project was to make the process of creating an Essence tedious for the user. This highlighted challenges and slowly developed into something too complex to flush out entirely. One of the main objectives of a phone application is to simply find a solution that would enhance or improve the target user's daily tasks. In order for Essence to succeed, to be believable, I needed to address efficiency in using the app. Would it be multipurpose? Single-purpose? How many features does it need?

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